Each house is different: its distribution and orientation, its size and its light input, give it a particularity that forces it to work in a different way.


Our experts in the remodeling of Ghat Apartaments will be able to find and put into practice the decorative line that best suits your floor. Working together with the owner, we explore to the maximum the possibilities that each house owns. That is why we treat each project in a personalized way that comes to our hands.

We work in all the areas of interior and exterior remodeling: Interior and exterior carpentry, facade cladding, waterproofing, painting in general, the structures, plumbing, masonry, electricity, enclosures, works in plaster and plasterboard, etc.

In addition to offering these services, we can also give you a few tips on decoration, so that everything is to your liking. All management and supervision is coordinated by our team of specialists, however, it also has the ability to monitor and approve each phase of the process.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms at the time of remodeling but are the ones that bring more value to a home. We can also take care of them so you can get the most out of it. 

As you know, Ghat Apartments ensures that your apartment is always 100% we accompany you with everything so you never have to worry about cleaning issues, safety or care. If you want to give a facelift to your home and give it more value.

Do not forget we work at any point in Cataluña. You can ask your budget by contacting our headquarters in Barcelona, or either by calling the mobile directly at 607 864 306.


 What aspect of the floor I have to improve to rent it?



On old floors a layer of paint is quite necessary. By simply painting the walls in neutral colors like white, sands or very pastel blue we can make the flat to rent have a completely different and modern look. The neutral colors bring warmth to what are ideal if you have a tourist rental flat..


To iluminate

Lighting significantly changes spaces. You can make a home that looked small and dismal become a very cozy and comfortable place. Changing some light bulbs, installing the modern lamps y play with colors that propagate light we can get very good results, floors in which tenants will feel at home.


To optimize the space

A good organization of the elements in the floor can change it a lot. The spaciousness gives a feeling of comfort that will welcome your guest. At Ghat Apartments we plan the space available to make the most of it and is much simpler than it seems: removing walls, moving furniture or removing doors the floor may look much bigger and have a better look.



To give the final touch to the floor without having to invest much, accessories can make the difference. Plants create more comfortable spaces and cushions are the best way to color your rental apartment. With the help of our interior decorator your floor will look like another and you will always have it occupied.

Discover our express redecoration service and start to monetize your floor and give it a new air to your home with the help of our interior decoration specialist. Discover the most spectacular changes made at Ghat Apartments.



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